Twitter followers renew their cries ‘Yes All Men’ at harassment at Minar e Pakistan

On August 14, a woman was tortured by nearly 400 men in Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park, and the nation is understandably outraged.

Hundreds of anonymous offenders have been charged with assaulting and stealing from a female TikTock and her companions, according to a police report.

Videos of the incident have gone viral, showing the woman being surrounded by males who lift her and assault her. Along with the Minar-e-Pakistan, the Lahore incident, and 400 men, yes, all men is trending on social media, with people from all political stripes criticizing the men present in the park who did not assist the woman, as well as the offenders.

On social media, there is tangible hatred and dread as outraged residents express their dismay, indignation, and anger at the attack. It was all the more terrifying because it happened on Pakistan’s Independence Day, in front of the Minar-e-Pakistan, one of our country’s emblems.

Users on social media say, “Yes, all men.” Many people who formerly disagreed with this assertion are now admitting that they were incorrect, and that indeed, all males are culpable, if not accountable, for violence against women.

Users are claiming that because no one guarded the woman, all of the men present were to blame. Another person wondered how many males would be required to convince people that there is a problem. Users say that women are afraid. There is very little you or anyone else can do to protect themselves when a swarm of 400 guys attacks you.

Even little efforts taken by women to protect themselves will not be enough in a circumstance like this, this woman realized. One user chastised Pakistan for its filthy mentality, saying the country should be ashamed of itself. Another user demanded that celebrations be outlawed and that those responsible be held accountable.

One user apologized to Quaid-i-Azam for what we have become by sharing a photo of the Minar-e-Pakistan from the incident and another from 1940.
“The culture that we laud has institutionalized violence and harassment, which is precisely why it needs to be called out!” one person observed.
One user stated, “Some individuals would sooner defend guys than accept that women are not free.”

This is not a one-time occurrence, according to the deputy commissioner of Karachi Central. One commenter suggested that men in the country be re-educated right away.

Since Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry warned against labeling Pakistan a dangerous place for women, one user wondered what the “patriotic” approach of calling out such incidents was.

Another “isolated occurrence,” one user tweeted, ridiculing the government’s, with nothing to link it to the people and problems in the area. Regardless of what anyone claims, this is not a one-time occurrence. Several shocking incidents of violence against women have been documented in recent months, and they continue to be reported despite social media outrage.

It’s great that men are being called out for their obligation to actively halt harassment and assault rather of being bystanders, but it’s not great that it takes a woman being assaulted by 400 men for it to happen. Pakistani women deserve better than to be used as role models for why women should be granted rights. We shouldn’t need examples to understand why we must defend women; it should be self-evident.

Our image is being tarnished by the assaulters, not the people crying out for safety for our citizens or the victims, since our government officials do not want concerns to be addressed lest we “tarnish” Pakistan’s image.

Following hashtags are on trending on twitter”#NotAllMen”,#lahoreincident,#RIPHUMANITY,#400MEN etc.

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