United States Responsible for Afghan Government Losing War

US President Joe Biden has made a futile attempt to paint his Afghanistan decision as a success, stating that the United States did not participate in the war to “build” the nation 20 years ago.

In an address after much criticism regarding the humiliating return of US personnel from Kabul, Biden blamed Afghanistan’s fall on Ashraf Ghani’s government. The Taliban continue to advance.

According to reports, after spending more than two decades and over $1 trillion, the United States has handed over Afghanistan to exactly those it tried to wrench it free from. All US investment in advancing the Kabul government, backed by a fully equipped and US-trained military of 300,000 personnel, has failed within a week of a mild Taliban attack.

Their Afghan project has collapsed entirely and as such, they have ended up suffering similar humiliation as they did in Vietnam decades ago, and have also been making various other military mistakes ever since.

The one thing common between all of the US’s military endeavors is that all of them have been spectacular failures, and have only resulted in creating more instability. Their interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya have resulted in creating bleeding nations. The birth of organizations like ISIS and al-Qaeda is a product of America’s ideological policies. Entire regions, not just countries, have paid a heavy price for these actions.

America’s failure in Afghanistan is a reminder that nation-building cannot be imposed from above, as the United States has repeatedly tried to do, and development cannot erupt from gun barrels.

It is a lesson that a superpower is held hostage by its own power. They must think of the world which cannot bear the burden of further such reckless military interventions. It is, in fact, a time for Washington to find out that thanks to their decisions, other have to pay the price.

The American voter should also ask his leaders tough questions, and seek answers that may not come easily. The US must hold itself accountable.

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