Two Passenger Planes Collide at Dubai International Airport

Two Passenger Planes Collide at Dubai International Airport


State-owned airline and national flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf Air, confirmed a ground incident at the Dubai International Airport (DXB) where one of its aircraft was impacted on the tail by another airline’s aircraft.

According to details, the accident took place at Dubai International Airport on Thursday morning, where two passenger planes, Fly Dubai and Gulf Air collided on a taxiway, but no casualties were reported in the incident.

The incident took place in the early hours of the morning on July 22, 2021, involving two aircrafts at DXB.

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“As a result of this, one runway was temporarily closed to allow for the incident to be swiftly managed,” said a spokesperson for the airport. “Operations at DXB were not impacted and the runway was reopened after two hours.”

Fly Dubai says its Boeing 737 was supposed to fly to Kyrgyzstan, but was grounded after the plane suffered minor injuries in the crash, and passengers will now be flown on another flight.

“The wings of the plane were damaged in the incident and we are investigating the matter with the relevant authorities,” the airline said.

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Gulf Air, on the other hand, says that in this minor accident, their plane collided with another airline’s plane, which damaged its tail. However, the other airline has not identified the other plane.

The aviation industry has been among the worst hit by the outbreak, which has dented travel demand and forced major airlines to lay off staff and seek government bailouts. Airlines around the world have been plunged into crisis because of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on travel.

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According to a recent survey by, Qatar Airways has been crowned the best airline in the world for 2021 followed by Air New Zealand on number two and Singapore Airlines holding the third spot.

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