Two planes escape Dangerous Accident at Islamabad Airport

Two planes faced an emergency situation at New Islamabad Airport while no passenger was injured in both the incidents however the planes were damaged.

According to the details, the Cessna plane of Rawalpindi Flying Club narrowly escaped the accident during landing. The plane was on a routine training flight when the tyre of its landing gear punctured at the runway. However, the instructor pilot exhibited his expertise and managed to safely land the aircraft. Later, the Cessna aircraft was towed away from the runway.

Meanwhile, the Air Blue flight from Karachi was stopped from landing. However, after removing the Cessna aircraft from the runway, the aircraft was allowed to land. The aircraft had reached Islamabad from Karachi.

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In another incident at the New Islamabad Airport, an Air Blue plane was run over on the runway with emergency brakes and was prevented from taking off. The plane was about to take off from Islamabad for Karachi, however, the passengers in the plane were severely shocked due to emergency brake.

According to airport sources, the air speed indicator of Air Blue’s Airbus 321 was faulty. Later, Air Blue passengers arriving in Karachi were shifted to the launch.

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