UAE announces direct flights to Israel

Tel Aviv, 4th November: The United Arab Emirates has announced the launch of direct flights to Israel.

According to reports, the efforts of US President Donald Trump have come to fruition. Long after, the United Arab Emirates announced the launch of direct flights to Israel.

A statement from Fly Dubai said the company would operate 14 direct flights a week from Dubai to Tel Aviv, with direct flights between Israel starting November 26. Bookings can be made in business and economy classes available on the company’s website.

Fly Dubai says it will operate two daily flights from Dubai to Tel Aviv and from Tel Aviv to Dubai, with a one-way trip in about three hours. According to Arab media, Fly Dubai is currently the only company to fly to Dubai, which has announced direct commercial flights to Israel.

It may be recalled that after the resumption of relations between the UAE and Israel, an air transportation agreement was reached between the two countries last month under which 28 direct flights would be operated from the UAE to Tel Aviv.

The first passenger flight from the UAE arrived in Israel on October 19 last month after relations between the two countries resumed, where it landed near Tel Aviv with only crew members aboard.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced citizens of the United Arab Emirates and Israel will be allowed to travel to both countries without a visa.

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