UAE govt makes important announcement for banking sector

Abu Dhabi: A holiday has been announced in the banking sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the beginning of the new Islamic year.

According to the reports, at the beginning of the new Islamic year, Sunday, August 23 will be a holiday in all banking sectors and Monday, August 24 will be a normal working day.

Private companies had declared a holiday on Sunday, August 23, on the occasion of the beginning of the new Islamic (Hijri) year, 1st Muharram. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emergencies said in a statement that the first Muharram will be a holiday in all private companies.

Earlier, the government’s Department of Human Resources said all UAE states had declared a public holiday on Sunday and that offices would be open as usual from Monday, August 24.

It may be recalled that the UAE government has already released the holiday calendar of private and public institutions.

It should be noted that the Islamic year begins when the moon appears, the days of each Islamic month are 29 or 30, if there are 29 days and the moon appears, then the new month begins, while after thirty the new month automatically begins.

Remember that the Islamic year begins with Muharram, the Hijri calendar begins with the migration of the Prophet of Islam to Madina. Another significance of the first Muharram is that it is also the day of martyrdom of the second Righteous Caliph of the Islamic world, Hazrat Umar bin Khattab.

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