UAE just passed an Anti-Islamic Law

Dubai, 7th November: United Arab Emirates, being an Islamic country has violated Islamic Law.

Baaghi TV: According to the new law in the UAE with new laws in the UAE, people aged 21 and above are legally allowed to drink, consume and can keep alcohol.

Before the new rules were announced, locals needed special permits to drink, buy or transport alcohol. However, Muslims will now be able to keep and drink alcohol in their homes without a permit.

The UAE government announced these relaxations in strict Islamic law on Saturday, November 7. The reforms were announced on the state-run news agency and details were published in the government-backed newspaper The National on Saturday. 

The UAE has recently recognized Israel as a state under US mediation. It is expected that Jewish investment and tourist arrivals in the UAE will increase, followed by more freedom that will destroy the ancient Islamic society of the Arabs.

Emirati authorities have been pursuing a series of gradual reforms to make their country more compatible with Western countries, and the latest measures are part of that. 

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