UK-based Dr. Chohan under fire for losing samples, delaying results

UK-based Dr. Ashraf Chohan and his son have reportedly come under scrutiny. According to reports of The Guardian, the father-and-son duo is allegedly facing questions regarding their private Covid-19 testing firms.

Dr. Chohan who is the founder of Conservative Friends of the NHS, which aims to connect politicians with healthcare workers in the public and private sectors, is also the director for 1Rapid Clinics, a Covid-19 testing company that is approved by the UK government. Recently, 1Rapid Clinics has come into the limelight because their clients have claimed that the results are delayed, samples are lost and refunds are refused.

The Tory donor and his son are known for providing PCR test services to travelers but have recently been questioned for the quality of services provided. Dr. Chohan’s firm is one of the few companies that have been linked to the Conservatives. According to reports, it is believed that the covid testing ‘regime; is on a downward spiral, during which time Dr. Chohan’s involvement has allegedly surfaced. In the meanwhile, the industry, in general, is leaving behind a ‘trail of unhappy customers who have expressed disappointment at the quality of service.

Among other things, the customers have argued that the testing kits and/or the results from those testing kits are delivered with a delay. There have been instances when they have failed to arrive at all which has led to unnecessary pressure on the National Health Service (NHS), which has been tasked with providing free tests to those who have been let down by private collection centers such as the one managed by Dr. Chohan.

Furthermore, based on reports of The Guardian, private firms generally charge customers between £80-£200 for PCR tests, which are mandatory for people arriving in the UK. This is estimated to be at least double the price paid by European travelers. So far, travelers have spent an estimated £500m on PCR testing since May.

UK-based Dr. Chohan under fire for losing samples, delaying results
Pictured above is UK-based Pakistani doctor-turned-entrepreneur, Ashraf Chohan founder of the Conservative Friends of the NHS.

Likewise, 1Rapid Clinics which was set up in December 2020 charges up to £70 for their services. Since its foray into the PCR-testing field, the company has received many negative reviews. Reportedly, more than half of their ratings are marked ‘bad’ however, more recent reviews appearing on Google are seemingly positive.

Dr. Chohan who previously owns a care-home company has been a significant Labour donor for the Conservative party since 2019. He has allegedly donated £20,000 including an additional £750 to UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

More recently in August, Dr. Chohan shared a picture of himself on Twitter, which he has deleted, with Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary. The two reportedly discussed ‘red lists’ in reference to the latest traveling restrictions pertaining to Coronavirus.

According to The Guardian, legal action has been initiated by Jo Maugham, director of the Good Law Project, concerning the poor quality of PCR testing facilities. Maugham is the opinion that the NHS and the public are left to suffer when things ‘inevitably’ go wrong. Moreover, talking to the Observer, 1Rapid claimed that they had been approved for Covid testing after they showed evidence that they were following ‘defined normal standard procedures’.

Similarly, Dr. Chohan’s son, Jamal Chohan is also in the business, having set up his own Quick Clinics in April. The firm initially called Quick Trnalsate, offers similar PCR testing services to travelers. According to reports, Quick Clinics has also received approximately 67% ‘bad reviews.

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