UK launches investigation into the missing people after Afghan war

The UK has launched an investigation into reports of suicides by veterans of the Afghan war following the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to Reuters, the British military is investigating whether its troops took their own lives because the men were reportedly badly affected by the US-led withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After thousands of lives and trillions of dollars were lost in the 20-year war, the United States withdrew on an emergency basis as a result of the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country.

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A total of 457 British troops were killed in Afghanistan, accounting for 13% of the 3,500 coalition troops killed since 2001.

Junior Defense Secretary James Happy initially told Sky News that some soldiers had died last week because of what was happening in Afghanistan. But Happy later told the BBC that His analysis was incorrect.

“We are very carefully examining the extent to which it is true that British troops have taken their own lives in the last few days,” he told BBC TV.

The Defense Ministry said Happy had spoken incorrectly and that no suicides had been confirmed due to the withdrawal of troops serving in Afghanistan.

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Happy, who rose to the rank of major before entering politics, added that he has heard that the Taliban now occupy all of Afghanistan, but the situation in Panjshir has not changed much.

The UK fears that the vacuum created by the return of the Taliban and the withdrawal of Western forces will allow al-Qaeda militants to gain a foothold in Afghanistan.

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