Uk vacvinated as Many People as Possible Today

London, Jan 10 (AFP/APP): Britain on Sunday raced against the clock to vaccinate as many people as possible while Germany warned of the “hardest” days yet to come with Europe battling to contain soaring coronavirus infections.

January 11 marks one year since China confirmed its first death from Covid-19, a 61-year-old man who was a regular at Wuhan city’s market, where the pandemic emerged before spreading around the world. Nearly two million deaths later, the pandemic is still thriving, with new variants again prompting governments from Israel to Australia to impose lockdowns, curfews and restrictions — even with mass inoculation drives underway.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Sunday that every adult in Britain will be offered a jab by autumn, with officials vaccinating 200,000 people daily in a race to meet a target of 15 million of the most vulnerable by mid-February. The vaccine drive comes as Britain recorded another 1,035 fatalities from the virus, bringing its deaths to nearly 81,000, one of the highest tolls in Europe.

Soaring cases are forcing UK medical chiefs to try to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed and the government to reinforce its campaign for people to abide by stay-at-home orders. “Of course we are all tired of restrictions, but we must find the collective strength to get through this critical stage and save as many lives as we can,” England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty wrote in the Sunday Times. Germany topped 40,000 fatalities on Sunday, the centre for disease control announced.

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