Ukrainian Plane Crash: Iran retrieves cockpit recordings from the black box

Lahore, 24th August: Authorities in Iran have obtained a record of the conversation in the black box of the unfortunate Ukrainian plane crash.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Iran has obtained information about the black box of a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed in the Iranian capital Tehran this year, 176 people were killed in the tragic incident.


Capt. Toraja Dehghani, head of Iranian civil aviation, said the plane’s black box contained only 19 seconds of conversation after the first explosion, while the second missile struck the plane 25 seconds later. The report did not elaborate on Dehghani’s statement.

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Ukrainian plane hit by two short-range TOR-M1 missiles, Iran says

A Ukrainian passenger plane taking off from Tehran International Airport was hit by two missiles on January 8 this year, just eight minutes after takeoff which damaged the installed radio.

Moments later, a second missile struck, causing the plane to explode into flames and crash into the ground.

The tragedy killed 176 people, including Iranians from Ukraine, Canada, Britain, Afghanistan, Sweden and Germany.

Shortly before the incident, Iranian missiles hit two US military bases in Baghdad, triggering a dangerous turn in US-Iran relations and escalating tensions in the Middle East.

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Initially, Iranian officials called it an accident, but Iran soon admitted that the passenger plane had been hit by missiles.

According to Captain Toraja Dehghani’s statement in the investigation report published by the Iranian Civil Aviation, the first blast of the missile had penetrated the inside of the plane, which may have damaged the record of the aircraft.

Captain Toraja Dehghani did not give details of the conversation in the cockpit obtained from the black box.

Toraja Dehghani said that during the process of obtaining data from the voice recorder, representatives of all the countries whose citizens were killed in the plane crash were present.

Iran says it unintentionally shot down Ukrainian plane due to human error

Details from the representatives of Ukraine, USA, France, Canada, the UK, and Sweden have been part of the acquisition process.

The plane’s black box was later sent to Paris in June, where a team of Western investigators was examining it.

Last month, Iran acknowledged in a preliminary investigation report that the crash was caused by the Air Defense Unit’s radar misdirection and two missiles were fired.

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Western intelligence officials and analysts believe Iran targeted the Ukrainian plane using a Russian-made SA-15 missile.

The initial report did not say anything about the transfer of the Revolutionary Guards’ defense system, while the Revolutionary Guards have military bases near the airport.

Capt. Toraja Dehghani, head of civil aviation, said the purpose of the investigation and obtaining the aircraft’s record was to ensure that such incidents were prevented in the future. He said Iran’s airspace was safe for international flights.

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