UN withholds comments on India’s anti-Muslim legislation

UNITED NATIONS, Dec 10 (APP): The United Nations Tuesday withheld comments until the completion of legislative process involving a controversial bill passed by India’s lower house that prevents Muslim migrants from neighboring countries from receiving citizenship, while emphasizing that member states adopt non-discriminatory laws.

“This is a legislation which continuing to go through legislative process so we wouldn’t have any comments while the domestic legislative process is being carried out,” United Nations Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq said in reply to a question from APP at the regular noon briefing.

“At the same time,” he added, “You know what our concern are about making sure that all governments pursue non-discriminatory laws.”

Meanwhile, Muslim organizations, rights groups and others have called the bill a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push to marginalize India’s 200-million-strong Muslim minority.

On August 5, Modi illegally annexed Jammu and Kashmir where thousands of troops poured in, setting up roadblocks, imposing a curfew and imprisoning political leaders.

And in November, India’s top court settled a politically charged court battle over the site of Babri Mosque contested for decades between Hindus and Muslims, ruling in the Hindus’ favour.

Throughout, the Modi government has turned a blind eye to mob violence against Muslims.

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