Uncertainty between India and Pakistan

A famous adage occurred in mind that “pulling my ledge is her favorite hobby and letting her do that is mine.” Living freely and peacefully is the infringement of each individual. It is said that individuals are yelling for peace orally, not practically. To be practical in the peace process, all of them are uncommunicativeness. On 20th March, Modi’s letter to PM Khan for peace is a good gesture for the prevailing peace process. Pakistan has always been flexible since long allegations from another side of the border. One such inculpation was “Ganga hijacking” in reality; the hijacker was from Border Security Forces (BSF) with a pistol, attack of Pulwama (2019), an audio call leaked by unknown, an Indian political leader instructed to killed few dozen of soldiers to get the sympathy of the public for the upcoming election, Ajmal qasab found with Indian domicile latter, Samjota express, Pathankot and many more false-flag operations to rebuke Pakistan with no evidence, India is the only country which always has proclaimed Pakistan as terrorist countries in the world. It has left no stone unturned in the leg-pulling of Pakistan globally.

Indian’s Covert operation against Pakistan and putting them on the grey list is somehow a successful game. The Indian government has always strived to isolate Pakistan from neighboring countries. It has molded Pakistan into one of the dangerous continents. It uses different strategies to yield Pakistan in the shape of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army (BRA), Tehrike Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and many more. ISI arrested Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in Balochistan and confessed in an international court of justice (ICJ) that he planned to sabotage counter Pakistan with few terrorist activities and CPEC, he affirmed. The Indian Chronicles is yet another example of their war against Pakistan. The world has recognized India as the cheapest strategic nation for its disputed war against Kashmir. United Nations (UN) declared Indian as the violated nation for Human Rights causes. They arrested thousands of people, including lawyers, shop owners, students, traders, politicians, and several children detained in their custody; there are no internet connection facilities for long. The world is a silent spectator in disputed Kashmir.

Both countries are dwindling economies and are facing numerous challenges. They can resolve different issues by sitting together. In stable kinship, both countries can assist each other in many sectors of geostrategic and geo-economics zones. Pakistan and India are close neighbors; the stability of one state is relying on the other. Both countries have common goals to overcome Poverty, Pandemic, and unemployment, etc. In Pakistan, the poverty index is 40% and has increased from 69 million to an 87million by the end of 2020, while in India; 75 million people have been placed into the poverty index in this surge of COVID-19. As per the Pew Research report, more than 200 million people in India do not access decent food.

In a worse relationship, both are at a loss when we look at the import and export of both countries; Pakistan imports from India were the US $242.68 million at the end of 2020. Embargo from both states has suffered Commerce and trades. Ban has been lifted from cotton, yarn, and sugar in the last few days. Pakistan export edible fruits, nuts, peels of crates, fruit, melon, salt, Sulphur, earth stone, cement, iron, steel, coffee, tea, leather substantially more. As per Indian Financial Yearly report of India of 2018-2019, the exports to Pakistan were about $ 2.17 billion, which has fallen to 0.83% of India’s total exports. Pakistan currently exports; cement ($78.3 million), chemicals ($60.4 million), fruits ($112.8 million per year), fertilizers ($34.9 million), and leather and allied products to India, while India exports; tea ,tomatoes, , petroleum products, sugar, , tires, cotton yarn, rubber, petroleum oils and dye, etc. to Pakistan. Export from India falls from $213 million to $17millions in a tense-up situation. The import and export between Pakistan and India by road occur from 40-60 trucks daily between Pakistan and India via the Wagah border.

Pakistan hedge is Afghan border to upkeep this country from foes who humiliate Afghan Passport. Indian stable relationship with Kabul commoves to counter this country. Pakistan’s role in social harmony and lasting peace is admirable in the world’s eyes. Few good examples are the creation of Kartarpur for Sikh Yatris and returning of Abhinandan Varthaman, who was sent to sabotage Pakistan’s security breach. The Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan’s recent statement exemplifies that let forgets about the past and move toward peace. War brings catastrophe and unrest in masses of both states. Bilateral relations could be made much stronger through compromise and strong belief in each other. Few nations in the world share a mutual history and still maintain fierce hatred and hostility. American former basket baller truly said that “Even as a fierce competitor, I try to smile.”


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