Unemployment impact on Youth in Pakistan

The unemployment crisis is one of the major challenges facing the youth of our country for since long and it unfortunately continues. If someone from us who’s anticipated to work but is unable to get appropriate job opportunity around his/her existences.

The current nastiest status quo of the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan; certainly created a pessimistic environment throughout the world. However, many people from all over the country were engaged with industries, corporate sectors, or private sectors that have been downsized caused by put-off work due to disturbance in exports or imports.

Many young people commit suicide just because of don’t have the access to earning resources. It is one of the major issues in Pakistan. We people have been dealing with the same since its inception. Every year the universities produce millions of candidates from different fields but unfortunately they (Doctors, Engineers, Philosophers, Chemists, Biologists, astronomers, or others holding their degrees in their hands without having a job). Many causes are being seen to be observed.

Melancholy of the jobless is very high because the available resources are being wasted due to the negligence of concerned authorities all over the country. Lockdown another main issue that has led to a substantial decrease in people’s incomes and a drop in their standard of living. This is the crisis that can be termed as the root cause of many other serious challenges which we are suffering today. Thousands of graduates, master’s degree holders people of almost every profession being wasted due to the unstable employment system in Pakistan.

There are many real factors of unemployment that needs to be monitored as:

Violation of merit system from the lower scale categories to high ranking officer positions.

Political influences paralyzed the maximum departments of Pakistan. Most of the departments are over recruited because of making their Political leaders content and satisfied expecting a promotion in future from them.

Pre-selection of sourceable persons who demolished the rights of the deserving candidates but such violations in the recruitment system made the talented and deserving people quite disappointed both in the form of government or private sectors.

Demerit system of hiring internal official on key positions, indeed they people don’t deserve the position whom they are promoted; but only they deserve to steal the treasure of Pakistan government.

The quite poor education system and unsatisfactory syllabus overall in government Schools, Colleges, or Universities. Owing to this, we people hold degrees without knowing it’s only proof that we paid fees. Our degrees are invoices.


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