United Arab Emirates: Students have developed a Robot to make Heart Surgery easier

UAE has also started developing in the field of science. Five students of the University of Science and Technology have developed robots to make heart operations easier.

According to the report, it will reduce the risk of any failure during heart operations. It will be more secure and the duration will also reduce. The students of the project, Anwar al-qaseeri, Sarah Al-Ali, Maryam bin Kaleeb, Alia-ul-zahmi and Shazi Qerman said that they are very happy on their success.

According to the students, the robot’s initial experience was successful, which will cause more facilities for heart surgery in the world medicine. It will prove to be an important milestone for innovation in the heart surgery. “The robot told the Emirates Today that the robot will be very helpful to put stunts in the heart vessels, it will automatically pass into the main cells of the human body. The students said that it was difficult to place stunts through the traditional method, and during this process, while taking thetube through the vessels, it was feared that the vessel wall could be affected, whereas the affected place where the stunt had to be put was also difficult to be viewed.

Robots that work completely in their automatic style will likely eliminate the risk of infection, while the detection of the affected place will also be automatically be detected by the robot. This robot is more convenient to make the operation easier. Technology is elegant. It can be easily operated, while its tube is designed in a manner that does not face any difficulty during the operation. The tube is highly sensitive and flexible that can easily reach the heart’s sensitive places through passage.

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