Unsolved Mysteries: Berkshire UFO

6th July: UFO sightings are often taken as mistakes, hallucinations, and some people deny them because they are too scared to admit that another species is living with us.

Aliens are a very popular topic amongst Sci-Fi films that many people enjoy watching. There are many theories regarding the existence of aliens, and most of the American population beliefs in it, they believe in the existence of aliens more than they believe in the existence of ghosts or vampires.

Area 51 is prohibited for any common man to go, it is thought to be forbidden because people believe either aliens are kept there or aliens visit there. Recently NASA also released a video of a UFO.

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In the newly released Netflix original series ‘ Unsolved Mysteries,’ a few people came forward and talked about the UFO sighting in Berkshire, Massachusetts in 1969. These people were children when it happened but they claim the memory still haunts them and it seems like yesterday.

Many of them remember what happened to some extent but the memory of around 3 hours was erased and to date, they don’t know what happened during those hours.

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They explained that they tried to tell people what had happened but no one believed them. None of them were related or friends, yet they described the same thing. They recall seeing beams of light and a disc-shaped ship that was hovering on top of them. some of them were pulled up and taken into the machine and it is the part after that they don’t remember.

A boy who was 10 years then and is around 60 now tells that he was running back to his house when the beam came on him and for minutes he was just running in place but wasn’t covering any distance, then the beam pulled him and his brother and friends who were inside at that time saw him vanish.


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Another boy Thomas and his mom remember that they were driving back home when they saw the beams after which everyone passed out except for Thomas who was pulled up. After they all became conscious the car was turned off and his mom was no longer on the driving seat, but to their surprise, his grandmother was there and whoever put them there tried to mimic the scene before giving off an image that they had all perhaps passed out but the change in positions gave it away.



Just like these, many other inhabitants of the town shared their experiences and talked about a UFO sighting.

After watching the series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ it suggests that aliens exist.

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