Upcoming shows on Netflix to binge-watch

1st July: Netflix has used this period of lockdown very sensibly to increase viewership by adding to their collection of movies and shows.

Recently we have seen an increase in the number of Bollywood shows and movies both old and new, as well as some classic shows of Hollywood such as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and the very famous Turkish series; ‘Ertugrul’.

It’s planning to come up with more blockbuster shows this month such as:

Unsolved Mysteries

The series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is an iconic docuseries. This show was originally about contemporary real-life stories of paranormal activities, deaths, and disappearances. While families, journalists, and the police try to solve them.


Many people are huge fans of the King Arthur legend and they will be happy to know that Netflix is releasing a new season called ‘Cursed’ which will release on 17th July. It shows a detailed experience of how a young boy Arthur encountered a mystical sword with the help of the lady of the lake.

Umbrella Academy

On 31st July the second season of ‘Umbrella Academy’ is also being releaased on Netflix where a family of superheroes is trying to reunite and return in the present timeline while thwarting a trio of Swedish assassins.



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