US Accuses Nine Countries, Including Pakistan of Violating Religious Freedom

WASHINGTON: Nine countries, including Pakistan, have been accused of violating religious freedom, Israel and India declared noble souls.

According to reports US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has announced that the United States has banned Pakistan, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Nigeria, North Korea, Myanmar and Eritrea and they have been added to the CPC.

According to sources, the statement accused the above-mentioned countries of being involved in or tolerating the gross, systematic and ongoing violation of religious freedom.

The Secretary of State also announced the inclusion of Cameroon, Cuba, Nicaragua and Russia on the special watch list of governments that are linked to or tolerate “serious violations of religious freedom.”

The Commission’s report for 2020 pointed out that the situation of religious freedom across Pakistan is deteriorating.

On the contrary, the US State Department, in a show of double standards, has not only removed Israel and India from the list, but has also added Israel and India to the list of countries that share good and religious freedom.

The world is shocked and strongly criticizes the blindness of the United States, which has taken away all religious freedom from the Palestinians.

India was included in last year’s list of ‘second tier countries’, but the State Department’s notification issued yesterday did not list India as a country of particular concern.