US approves 9  trillion worth of modern and heavy weapons to its allies against China


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has approved a large-scale sale of modern and heavy weapons to its allies against China.

According to Pentagon sources, the Boeing P-81, a state-of-the-art aircraft capable of closely monitoring enemy borders, has been handed over to India.

It also announced the supply of related equipment, including radio systems, engines, navigational systems and other modern essential weapons to India in exchange for 2. 2.42 billion.

According to Pentagon sources, the same message was sent to Australia to buy a package of heavy combat system, which is worth two and a half billion dollars. He has also announced to jump to Australia

India and Australia had already signed agreements worth 4. 4.36 billion last week.

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency, responsible for arms sales, training and services to U.S. military allies, announced the administration’s approval of a possible sale of three RQs. 4 Block 30 (I) Global Hawk unmanned warplanes were flown to Japan worth 1. 1.2 billion

Potential arms sales to the three countries indicate Washington’s growing focus on China and the Pacific.

India, Japan and Austria are part of the Quad, a group of allies aimed at countering China’s growing competition.

The sale of modern weapons to India will start a new race in the region and upset the balance. On the other hand, China and Pakistan are also keeping an eye on these agreements and formulating their strategies.

The Biden administration has approved 15 possible arms sales, with a total value of about 9 9 trillion.

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