US Election, Biden makes a big announcement before the completion of results

Baaghi TV reports that Trump’s opponent in the US election, Joe Biden, has said that the election phase is over.

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We want every vote to be counted, I’m satisfied with my position, I’m grateful to everyone for considering my opinion, Joe Biden said. We are confident that this election will be won. The results will not be complete until the final vote count is completed. We are heading for victory. The Democratic team did a great job, and Pennsylvania will succeed, he added.

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Earlier, presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a visit to his hometown that Donald Trump had overtaken the United States and that a peaceful transfer of power was imminent. This time, the most votes in American history will be cast and if I win, I will not allow America to be divided on political grounds. Winning re-election is Donald Trump’s dream.

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According to foreign media, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won 227 electoral votes and Republican candidate Donald Trump has won 204 electoral votes so far.

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Trump leads in Florida, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin, while Biden leads in Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota and New Hampshire. Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won 29 electoral votes from New York and 9 electoral votes from Colorado.

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It is to be noted that, President Trump or Joe Biden need 270 of the 538 electoral votes to take over the presidency. The full results of the polls and their final official announcement are set for December 14th this year.

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Donald Trump said that it is not easy for me to lose the presidential election, today will be a wonderful night but it is too early to say anything in politics. Our position is strong in Texas, Florida, Arizona. Winning is easy and defeat is very difficult, election results should be announced soon, early voting is dangerous for America, victory or defeat speech is not ready yet, very good results are coming from all over the country.

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