US Elections 2020: Trump preparing to win big!

Washington, 4th November: US President Donald Trump is preparing to celebrate his success in the elections 2020.

Baaghi TV reports that US President Donald Trump has said that we are close to winning the election. He shared on his Twitter account about the major announcement that he will be making tonight:

Talking to the media, Donald Trump said, “Thank you to the American people for voting. We are preparing to celebrate the victory. We have won in Florida and Texas. We are close to victory in Georgia and North Carolina.” 

“We’ve got more than 70,000 votes in Texas, we’re far ahead in Michigan, the counting of votes is going on in many states, the best election results are coming out, thank you to the American people for their overwhelming support,” Trump said.

Trump also stated, “I love Ohio and have won there too, intend to go to the Supreme Court to stop the voting results the election results process stopped abruptly. This is a fraud, the election is a big fraud for our nation, despite all the reservations We have won the election.”

It should be noted that President Trump or his rival Joe Biden needs 270 out of 538 electoral votes to take over the presidency.

Donald Trump said that it is not easy for me to lose the presidential elections. Today will be a great night but it is too early to say anything in politics. He said that our position is strong in Texas, Florida and Arizona.

President Donald Trump is live on his Twitter account:

Election Results should be announced soon, early voting is dangerous for America, victory or defeat speech is not ready yet, very good results are coming from all over the country.

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