US Elections, Donald Trump faces major blow in Arizona

Arizona: Trump suffered a major blow in the state of Arizona, as leading politicians were defeated.

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According to reports from Arizona, US President Donald Trump suffered a setback in the state of Arizona when his trusted close ally, Martha Maxley, suffered a crushing defeat.

Mark Kelly has won this Senate seat by a large margin, which is a major loss to Trump. It is also said that if there is a big blow to Trump in the US election, it is this case of the defeat of Martha Maxley.

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According to the New York Times, Martha Maxley was defeated by former US Navy captain and astronaut Mark Kelly, who is strongly opposed to gun culture in the United States and is running a campaign in this regard.

Mark Kelly, whose wife was shot dead, was also politically influential. Mark Kelly has reportedly taken full advantage of his wife’s circle of friends during the US Presidential Elections.

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According to sources, the US state of Arizona has announced the supremacy of Joe Biden, but the state’s Republican Governor Doug Davis said, “What’s they hurry?”

The governor of the US state of Arizona tweeted last night that “all votes must be counted before the announcement is made.”

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A quarter of the state’s votes are yet to be counted. In 2016, Donald Trump led the state by only 3.5 percent. This time, however, Democrats are trying to change the outcome. It seems we have to wait a little longer for the decision to be made here.

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