US Elections: Has Trump taken lead in Alaska?

Washington, 12th November: US President Donald Trump is still not ready to give up!

Baaghi TV: News from Alaska has come in favour of Trump. According to reports, in the counting of votes in the state of Alaska, Trump has defeated Joe Biden.

Despite reports from almost all major US media outlets that Donald Trump’s presidential rival, Joe Biden, has won, Trump himself is still adamant about not recognizing it and trying to justify it by claiming that the election was rigged. 

According to sources, Trump has a lead of 3 votes in this state, on the other hand, Trump seems very satisfied with the investigation by the Attorney General.

It may be recalled that the Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the elections of the year 2020 from Donald Trump by 273 electoral votes and has been elected as the 46th President of the United States.
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