US Elections, results start pouring in, United States undergoing change?

According to a report by Baaghi  TV, polling time has ended in most states in the United States, including Washington, while the counting process is underway.

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In exit polls so far, Biden has the upper hand over President Trump. Joe Biden leads with 129 electoral votes, while Trump is trailing with 100 electoral votes.

In Virginia, Joe Biden received 13 electoral votes and in Vermont, 3 electoral votes. Biden has also been successful in his home state of Delaware. Georgia and Florida have a tough competition in the swing stage.

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In Kentucky, too, Joe Biden has won 7 electoral votes. In Massachusetts, Joe Biden has won 11 electoral votes. In Pennsylvania, Biden won by 20 actual votes. In Colorado, Joe Biden received 9 electoral votes.

In Oklahoma, Trump won with 7 electoral votes. In South Dakota, Trump has won with 3 electoral votes. In Arkansas, Trump has won with 6 electoral votes. In Tennessee, Donald Trump took the field with 11 electoral votes.

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In Kentucky, Trump leads with 8 electoral votes. In Indiana, Trump has won with 11 electoral votes. In West Virginia, Trump won with 5 electoral votes.

Republicans have nominated President Donald Trump for the 2020 presidential election, and he is vying for re-election after completing a four-year term.

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Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a former vice president with former President Obama for eight years and has extensive experience in politics.

It is to be noted that, President Trump or Joe Biden need 270 of the 538 electoral votes to take over the presidency. The full polling results and the final official announcement are due on December 14th this year.

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says it’s time for Trump to pack his bags and go home. He added that Trump has failed to end racial discrimination during his tenure, ending a presidency that has spread hatred throughout the nation and added fuel to every racial slur.

Speaking in the state of Michigan, Trump said that if he won from Michigan, it would work, he is fighting hard, and that the news of his victory will be seen on TV.

Gambling amidst US Elections, who will be the next President?

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