US Elections: Video inside shows ballot papers getting stolen

Washington, 5th November: US President Donald Trump has not lost the elections rather it seems as if he was made to lose them.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, it seems Donald Trump was right all along and that he has been made to lose the Elections 2020 as bags full of ballot papers have been stolen from the polling station.

According to reports, ballot boxes from the polling stations have been stolen deliberately.

Sources said that in one area, some people were taking ballot papers out of the ballot boxes and stuffing them in bags. At present, nothing can be said about where these ballot papers will be hidden.

A video has circulated on social media which shows that in a state Reseda in California FY1, bags were being stuffed with stolen ballot papers.

An American netizen shared the video on Twitter and informed that this has happened today after the election in California, about three hours ago.

Another Twitterati wrote, “I videoed the same thing in uptown Whittier. When they saw me see the thousands of ballots, they shut and locked the box and called someone and told them I was getting in their face.”

Social media users have raised their voice against this lawlessness saying that jamming ballots into bags and taking them to who knows where. This is unacceptable to our democracy.

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