US President Donald Trump slams his rival Joe Biden


Tuesday, Aug 18: In the United States, the presidential election is about to take place, which is why both sides are bent on killing each other. According to the foreign news agency, US President Donald Trump while addressing a ceremony said that Joe Biden is a puppet and he does what he says.

He said that important elections in the history of the country are about to take place and we will save the cities and surrounding areas from the future of crime and chaos while the polls show that we will win the elections.

Donald Trump said that if we win from Minnesota, then the game will be over, but on the other hand, China wants me to lose the election.

It should be noted that the presidential election is taking place in the United States. Which is why both sides are running the gauntlet of criticism on each other. Earlier, Geoffrey Biden also criticized the controversial citizenship and registration laws and said that India should take immediate steps to restore the rights of the people of occupied Kashmir.

Joe Biden’s policy paper also called for an end to atrocities against Muslim communities in other countries.

On the other hand, the US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has criticized Trump in the election rally. Joe Biden said that the idea of ​​ending the Obama-era health care system is cruel. Choose, Trump still doesn’t understand the basic reality of the crisis, Trump doesn’t know that Coronavirus has to be controlled to fix the economy.

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