US President Joe Biden mentally unfit to continue office

Lahore, 25th July: Former White House doctor and congressman has claimed that US President Joe Biden has a serious health problem that will get worsen with the passage of time.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, a White House physician and congressman who served under former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has said that President Biden is ineligible to run for office because of serious health problems.

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The former White House doctor has said that Biden, 79, will be forced to resign. If Biden does not resign, he could be removed under the 25th Amendment.

According to reports from New York Post, it is believed that Biden had got stuck several times while talking to reporters on Wednesday. While, a month ago, Biden had to take a leaflet out of his pocket while replying to the reporter.

As per reports, Joe Biden has started forgetting things because of which he will be forced to resign from his office.

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