US Presidential Elections: What will be the impact on the economy?


Baaghi TV reports that the United States, home to the world’s most important economy and its largest markets, has a few weeks left in the US election that will have far-reaching implications for economic policy, and the dire situation will have implications for global political stability.

Stocks, bonds, real estate. Every asset, in every region, looks like a train coming and going on the tracks around the turn. Therefore, it is very important that individual investors seize this moment of challenge.

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According to the Financial Times, this is not a test of foresight or investment skills. Rather, it is a test of discipline. For the individual investor, the risks involved in trying to outperform the market, while also controlling the emotional response generated in similar moments, far outweigh the potential benefits of positioning any other imaginary outcome.

Trump’s presidency has chosen the most straightforward way for investors to improve their portfolios by cutting taxes for corporations, bringing the legal rate down from 35 percent to 21 percent. This has had an immediate positive effect on companies’ net profits, support profits, and share prices.

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According to the Financial Times, Joe Biden has promised to partially reject Trump’s cuts to 28 percent.

Moreover, President Trump has said he will probably not accept the election results. He has announced in advance that there will be alleged fraud. Elections are approaching on November 3rd. We will not know who the president is for some time. The constitution only stipulates that the next president will be sworn in by January 20th. Even if the roads remain calm during these six weeks, the government will be paralyzed.

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According to a report published in the Financial Times, if the urge to act is heavy, here is the prescription. At least for countries where betting is legal. Take a week’s salary, and bet on all these results that, according to your estimate, the bookmakers have put the wrong price. If you are hesitant to reduce the amount, then there will be no business in your portfolio. And if you have the courage to bet, you will at least know that you are gambling.

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