US Presidential Palace attacked

WASHINGTON: The US presidential palace was attacked, number of people injured is still unknown. The world is shaken by this news. According to reports, breaking news is circulating around the world that the attacker was in a suspicious car, he hit his car at a check post outside the presidential palace. As a result, two policemen were seriously injured.

According to CNN, an emergency siren sounded immediately after the attack on the presidential palace and the White House was locked down. As soon as the emergency siren was heard, the presidential palace was surrounded by a large number of security personnel, security personnel vehicles and helicopters rushed to the scene.

The assailant was arrested till further notice, while the injured policemen were rushed to the hospital. It should be noted that before the US presidential election, supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the White House, while a few weeks after Joe Biden’s victory, security was on high alert, fearing an attack on the White House.

US security officials have been receiving reports that the country is in a state of insurgency and that a major attack could take place at any time, which is why US National Security Forces personnel are still roaming the streets of Washington.

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