US Takes Whom it Wants Without Any Agreement: SC

ISLAMABAD, Sep 21 (Online Int’l): The Supreme Court while ordering Talha Haroon, the accused in New York Times Square be not handed over to the US till further orders, has summoned details of accused  swap agreements with US and UK.

During the hearing of the case Justice Qazi Amin remarked, “If there is no agreement between US and Pakistan then how can the accused be handed over to US? Matter is this: US takes away any one whom it wants without agreement. What is the evidence on the basis of which the accused should be handed over to US?”

Justice Qazi Amin further observed, “Pakistan is a sovereign state. How can we give our citizen to any one this way? We will protect our citizens as per law at every cost.”

Tariq Mehmood, counsel for the petitioner, argued that the Islamabad High Court (IHC) single bench maintained that evidence is not acceptable. In intra court appeal the high court left the determination of crime on inquiry magistrate. It is apprehended that the inquiry magistrate will hold nominal inquiry and hand over the accused to US. SC had ordered to bring back Hussain Haqqani.

The apex court while directing the attorney general and respective officers of the ministry of foreign affairs to appear before it along with the record maintained that the court be informed if the agreements with US and UK on swap of accused are there. How many accused persons have been brought from US and UK to Pakistan so far and how many were handed over to them so far?

The hearing of the case was adjourned for two weeks.

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