Usman Buzdar’s Resignation Demanded by Uzma Bukhari

Muslim League (N) Punjab spokesperson Uzma Bukhari has demanded Usman Buzdar’s resignation in light of the increasing violence and sex crimes against women in Punjab. 

According to reports, Uzma Bukhari stated that Usman Bazdar has failed miserably to protect the women of his province, as Punjab Chief Minister. This government raised only empty slogans to change police reforms and the system, yet things are getting worse day by day, she said.

She further went on to say that in the first six months of this year, 6,754 women were kidnapped, 1890 were raped in Punjab, 3,721  were tortured while 752 children were sexually abused, and most of these incidents were in Lahore, with the police performance and traditional methods only contributing to these statistics.

Uzma Bukhari said that Usman Buzdar has stated that two women were again raped in Lahore which shows the degree to which law and order had deteriorated in the province. No government official or officer is fulfilling his responsibility and Punjab has become completely abandoned and destitute. Changing police officers cannot improve the system when the chief minister of the province doesn’t do something, she said.

Sexual assault statistics are increasing day by day in Lahore, due to which it has become difficult for women to leave homes. More than 10 sexual assault cases have been reported in Lahore in the last week alone, and another incident recently occurred wherein in the Garhi Shahu area of Lahore, a rickshaw driver along with his friends gang-raped a woman.

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