Usman Mirza case becomes more complicated

The lawsuit alleges extortion and sexual assault against Usman Mirza. Under Section 354 A, assaulting a woman and making a video during stripping her naked could result in the death penalty or life imprisonment in the Islamabad case.

The investigation against Usman Mirza, who tortured boys and girls in Islamabad, has intensified. The case also included provisions of extortion and sexual assault against the accused. Mohib Bangash and Qayyum Butt, who are also involved in the torture of a boy and a girl in E-11, were presented before Judicial Magistrate Waqar Gondal.

Usman Mirza Viral Video Naked Islamabad Case
Usman Mirza Case

Accused Mohab Bangash was brought to the court with his face covered. The court ordered to present Qayyum Butt again along with Usman Mirza.


Usman Mirza Assaulting A Young Couple, What Actually Happened? Video Viral

According to police officials, Under Section 354 A: Attacking a woman and stripping her naked is punishable by death or life imprisonment. Section 506: Under which Threatening someone with serious consequences is punishable by 7 years imprisonment and a fine and Under Section 509: a person who violates the sanctity of a woman by insulting her honour, making noises, is punishable by one-year imprisonment. 

Under Section 341: Hostaging someone is punishable by one-month imprisonment and a fine. SSP Investigation Ata-ur-Rehman of Islamabad Police said that 4 main accused involved in the incident including Usman Mirza were arrested. Ata-ur-Rehman said that the accused were remanded for 4 days after which we got another remand for 4 days.

Couple Sexually Assaulted, Video Leaked: Who is Usman Mirza?

They told us that we have assured the victims that the law and the state of Pakistan are with them, which is why they are cooperating with us. Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat had also assured that all the accused named in the case or seen in the video would be arrested.

Let’s see what will happen with these criminals as everyone can clearly see them committing the above-mentioned crime.

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