Uzma Kardar in conversation with Baaghi TV

Uzma Kardar scandal: audio leak, removal and party politics

An alleged audio call of Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), Uzma Kardar, was leaked on social media, wherein she can be heard talking about the First Lady and various leaders belonging to the ruling party.

A day after this audio leak, Uzma Kardar was removed as member of the Media Strategy Committee of the Punjab government. 

While talking exclusively to Baaghi TV, Kardar termed the audio leak a malicious campaign against her by parts of her conversation edited, distorted and reconnected to malign her. She further said that this is a pre-planned conspiracy started against her as an attempt of her character assassination.

Furthermore, the PTI member mentioned that this malevolent campaign started ahead of her possible induction into the Punjab cabinet.

Uzma Kardar sacked from Punjab’s Media Strategic Committee

While talking about this campaign, she mentioned that fake Twitter and other social media accounts have been made by her name and such content is being spread. She also mentioned that she has been loyal with her political party throughout her career and has huge respect for the Prime Minister, his wife and all other political leaders and workers of PTI.

In her exclusive interview to Baaghi TV, it was mentioned that she has always been a dedicated and staunch worker of the political party. However, when people are unable match up with your performance, they resort to underhand tactics something similar to this.

Moreover, Uzma Kardar said that she plans to contact the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and even take a legal action against the people behind this malign act.

Secret Audio Leaked, Important revelations of PTI MPA Uzma Kardar

Whether you accept Uzma Kardar’s side of the story or the generally accepted political narrative, the case must be looked at through all possible avenues.

However, as a society we must understand the a community prospers better if things are done the right way. Instead of engaging in such tactics shouldn’t we refer to a problem through properly documented and legal channels?

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