Veena Malik threatens and abuses her ex, audio goes viral

Lahore, 19th November: Veena Malik’s audio has surfaced the social media where she can be heard abusing and threatening her husband. 

Baaghi TV: Actress Veena Malik’s fight with her ex-husband Asad Khattak has taken a new turn.

As per reports Asad Khattak had sent a legal notice to his ex-wife seeking Rs 500 million in damages on charges of smuggling his children from Dubai to Pakistan and defaming them.

And now Veena’s alleged audio has been brought to light in which she can be heard abusing and threatening her husband.

Asad Khattak, Veena Malik’s ex-husband, allegedly shared short audio of his ex-wife in his tweet, in which the actress could be heard abusing and threatening in anger.

In the audio, Veena Malik can be heard threatening her ex-husband that his four sisters and mother live here in Pakistan and the actress is threatening to do something bad to them.

Veena Malik can be heard saying that if her ex-husband will go to Dubai court for the custody of their children then she will do something with his sisters and mother.

At the same time, Veena Malik can be heard cursing her ex-husband.

Asad Khattak wrote in his tweet, “False orders from the court, innocent children living in Dubai and American citizens were brought to Pakistan illegally and disappeared. I am being forced to reveal the whole truth. It’s just a piece of the pot, the kind of language and threats you hear from this woman.”

It has not been independently investigated whether the audio belongs to Veena Malik or whether it is an edited audio. Veena Malik has not yet commented on the alleged audio brought out by her ex-husband.

Earlier, Asad Khattak had written in his tweet, “A letter (request) from Mr DG (Passport) dated October 27 has not been answered yet. Illegal issuance of Pakistani passports and illegal abduction of my American children from Dubai is nothing but a ploy to discredit the state of Pakistan. Let this pact be exposed as soon as possible.”

Earlier Baaghi TV had reported that Asad Khattak had accused Veena Malik of hacking his social media account. Asad Khattak said in his Twitter message that his ex-wife Zahida BB alias Veena Malik hacked his Instagram account.

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