Video: Violent protest erupts in Paris over blasphemous sketches

Video: Violent protest erupts in Paris over blasphemous sketches

Protestors throwing garbage cans and clashed with police in Paris tonight as a curfew was imposed and violent demonstrations erupted over the blasphemous sketches and behaviour of the French President.

According to details, a mass protest took place this evening in Paris over the publication of blasphemous sketches and then its encouragement and blasphemous attitude by President Emmanuel Macron.

According to sources, violence erupted in Paris as hundreds of activists took to the city’s streets this evening to oppose the display of blasphemous content. Paris has now become a battlefield and there is chaos everywhere as people are beating each other, shops and cars are being vandalized and the dogs are barking on the streets.

It is learnt that attempts by the police to quell the violent protests have also failed. As soon as the security forces move forward, the insurgents attack them. The video, received by Baaghi TV, shows miscreants coming out of their homes and vandalizing vehicles, but security agencies still fail to control the situation.

A state of emergency has been declared in France following violent protests.

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