Vile attempt at an attack on PM Khan gets caught

Lahore, 19th March, 9:30 pm: An attempt to attack Prime Minister Imran Khan gets foiled.

According to the news of Baaghi TV, a worker form the opposition party PML-N was caught on Friday who was on a mission to attack the prime minister of Pakistan.

As per our sources, the person who was sent to attack the premier was caught on camera to narrate that people from Rana Sanaullah told him that what had happened to Nawaz Sharif should be done to Imran Khan too.

Watch the video here:

As evident from the video above, a man has been arrested who was sent on a special mission to kill Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The arrested person is a resident of Hajiabad Faisalabad and he has confessed that he has sent to throw a shoe at Prime Minister Imran Khan at the orders from Rana Sanaullah’s son-in-law Shehryar Rana.

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