Violent operations of Indian Forces, 8 more Kashmiri martyred

SRINAGAR: State terrorism continues in Indian-occupied Kashmir and in recent incidents, the occupying forces have martyred eight Kashmiris, including two freedom fighters in a mosque.

According to an AFP report, officials said the number of freedom fighters martyred this year had risen to more than 100 following new deaths during armed clashes on Thursday and Friday. It is to be noted that the situation in Occupied Kashmir since August last year is extremely worrying. The special status of the valley was abolished by India while communication links were cut off which have not yet been fully restored.

Pulwama: A Kashmiri freedom fighter martyred

Authorities said an armed clash took place in Nej near Srinagar. As a result, one freedom fighter was killed while two freedom fighters were martyred in the mosque later last night. Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said in a Twitter message that security forces used “tear gas shells” in the mosque.

Security officials also said that the forces martyred five freedom fighters in an underground shelter in an apple orchard in Shopian district. Tensions between government forces and pro-Hurriyat villagers also escalated after the exchange of fire.

3 more Kashmiri Martyrs, Indian Army’s barbarism persists

Earlier, Radio Pakistan, in its report released on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict in the Research Section of the Kashmir Media Service, had said that India had arrested, harassed, and raped Kashmiri women. Using violence against Kashmir as a weapon of war to stop the ongoing struggle for Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

The report said that since January 1989, 11,204 women have been raped by Indian forces. The report also said that thousands of women were among the 95,630 Kashmiris killed by the Indian Army, paramilitary forces and police personnel since January 1989.

Section 144 imposed in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

At the same time, it was reported that 22,915 women have become widows during this period as a result of state terrorism in India. It may be recalled that since the abolition of the special status of Occupied Kashmir by India on August 5, 2019, atrocities against Kashmiris have increased there and unarmed Kashmiris are being killed by Indian forces on a daily basis. Also on June 11, five militants were killed in an alleged clash during state terrorism by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

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Earlier on June 8, at least nine Kashmiri people were killed in the last 24 hours in alleged clashes during the recent state terrorism by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. The Foreign Office condemned the killing of nine youths by the Indian Army, calling it India’s “state terrorism”.

India takes its anger out on Kashmir, 8 Kashmiri martyrs in two days

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