Waqar Younis suggests to drop Shoaib Malik in Pak India Match

Waqar Younis has suggested to drop Shoaib Malik in Pak-India match. Shoaib Malik’s performance against Kangaroos was quite poor. He said that if Malik is to play on seventh number, then Shadab Khan can play better in his place.

But Sarfraz is hopeful about Shoaib Malik’s performance against India, he said that this is Shoaib Malik’s last tournament and he always gives a good performance against India. Hopefully he will make his final tournament memorable.

Waqar Younis said that he thinks Pakistan should get into the field with four pacers and one spinner, so Shoaib Malik should be dropped, and batsmen should try not to play such shots that the ball goes straight to the fielders hands. And if the player do a better fielding, the match can be won.

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