Waqar Zaka calls Nida Yasir a liar

Lahore, 18th September: VJ-turned television host Waqar Zaka lashes out at Nida Yasir for telling lies to the public.

According to reports from Baaghi TV, Waqar Zaka has revealed in his latest video that the TV host Nida Yasir has been misleading people from her fake apology video.

Last week, Nida Yasir the host of the ARY Digital morning show invited the parents of a 5-year-old girl who was raped and burnt to death in Karachi.

Why has the TV host Nida Yasir gained weight?

Reportedly, she asked about all the tragic details from the parents, after which they broke down.

People have shown anger over the morning show host for inviting the recently-grieved parents, and then inquiring about the details from them.

Nida Yasir faced backlash by the public on social media, some even commented that PEMRA should put a ban on her show.

Netizens angry over Nida Yasir’s insensitive content

Nida Yasir took to her Instagram account and posted an apology video. She clarified that the victim’s family had approached her team through Sairm Burney Trust. She even claimed that after the show was aired, police became vigilant and caught the rapist.


On the other hand, the famous YouTuber Waqar Zaka has made shocking revelations about Nida’s apology video.

Nida Yasir apologized for her insensitive content

Watch the full video here to listen to the facts presented by Waqar Zaka:

In his video, Waqar Zaka has pointed out the lies and mistakes Nida Yasir made while clarifying herself.

He said that it’s not the first time Nida has lied for the sake of ratings, she has been doing consecutive mistakes and will continue to do so.

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Waqar Zaka’s team visited Marwah’s parent’s and inquired from them on how did they approach the famous morning show, to which they replied that rather they were approached by the ARY team.

This was the first lie by Nida Yasir that got exposed. Zaka even informs the netizens that the FIR was filed not after Nida’s show, but after the outrage by the public on social media platforms.

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It concludes to the point that Nida Yasir clearly meant to increase the TRP of her show. She made a fool of the public by posting an emotional video.

It is high time that the producers of the show change the host and bring some fresh face and ideas to catch the audience’s attention!

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