Watch Mubasher Lucman challenging PALPA in his latest video

Lahore, 1st June: Mubasher Lucman in his latest video has proposed PAPLA to use the platform of his YouTube channel to express their point of view.

According to the leading anchor Mubasher Lucman, PALPA pilots have been sharing and sending Vlog of a retired PIA captain to him trying to seek attention in response to the observations raised by the anchor in his earlier video.

These pilots were emphasizing Lucman to not make any statements before the release of inquiry report of the crash and do not highlight that Pilot had a major mistake in the Jet crashing.

Mubasher agreed to the point that comments should be controlled as they form the general opinion but mentioned that it was pilots and PIA staff coming on air and making all analysis after which everyone is open to give their view over general discussion.

He feels the Volg was a poor attempt of attracting attention and didn’t answer any questions raised by the anchor. He offered them to use his You Tube channel and challenge observations raised by Mubasher.

Lucman has raised questions on the capability of pilots flying PIA flights. He raised his concerns over unjust appointments in Civil Aviation and PIA.

PALPA: Cause of degradation of professional standards and accidents in PIA

He objected to the fact that non professional appointments were jeopardizing operation in Civil Aviation and PIA. Lucman has challenged the unjust involvement of PALPA in appointments and backing of staff involved in major breaches while flying and landing.

Lucman raises question on influence and bribe involved in allotment of flight schedule of pilots, cabin crew, ground and support staff.

If we compare the accidents faced by PIA in comparison to rest of the world having similar aircraft can highlight the fact that the human error in our accidents is far higher than the machine or computer error in rest of the world.

Thousands of lives are dependent on the system that supports corrupt. PIA is running on the cashflow generated from tax-payers’ income and why should they suffer because of incompetence of undeserving unqualified staff?

PALPA Exposed !

Lucman stresses that proper scrutiny has to be done while appointing anyone to fly PIA Jets. Staff with proper flying license, good mental health and sound moral values should be given the responsibility to fly the flag carrier.

He quoted the gruesome transatlantic fiasco which not only defamed Pakistan but could have resulted in much more problem blacklisting. As a general social norm if one hides facts and twists the situation they are considered untrustworthy. How is it possible to give such person the responsibility of valuable lives?

PALPA does not represents the  flying fraternity as pilots from Air Blue, Shaheen Air, Serene Air and any private pilot is not given the membership but only PIA staff is allotted the membership.

PIA Flight PK 8303: Some unanswered questions

Lucman points out that dozens of cases can be highlighted where PALPA came to rescue of culprits involved in severe misconduct and highly politicized the appointments of high position in Aviation and support departments.

It is high time to learn from the mistakes, identify the short comings, rectify the system and set the future right. All stakeholder have to be serious and tough decisions have to be taken set the direction right.

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