We All Stand United for Kashmir: Reaction of Pakistani Celebrities on Article 35-A and 370

Earlier today, Home Minister Amit Shah announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has decided to abolish Article 370 of the Constitution.

As a result to this amendment, the special identity of Kashmiris will be eliminated and India will be able to transform the Muslim majority into Hindu majority by making demographic changes in Kashmir Valley.

According to reports, the government also decided to divide the state into two Union Territories – the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir which will have a legislature and second, the union territory of Ladakh, which will be without a legislature.

What is the Article 370?

The article became effective in 1949 and it exempts Jammu and Kashmir state from the Indian constitution.

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is a special section which gives the State of Jammu and Kashmir a separate status. This section gives Jammu and Kashmir the freedom to constitute and maintain its constitution, while in most cases it prohibits the implementation of the federal constitution in Jammu and Kashmir.

Under Article 370, the State of Jammu and Kashmir has a special and unique place. The provisions of the Indian Constitution that apply to other states cannot be enforced under this section on the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

What is the Article 35-A?

Article 35-A, issued through a presidential order in 1954, allows the state legislature to define the Jammu and Kashmir’s permanent residents. It was passed under the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

Under Article 35-A, anyone who is a non-resident of the State of Jammu and Kashmir cannot (1) acquire any immovable property in the State, (2) cannot have any government employment in the State, and (3) cannot enroll in a professional organization run by the State Government, nor receive any aid or scholarship provided by the State.

What is going to happen now?

With the abolition of the special status of Kashmir, people from all over India will be allowed to own property and settle in Kashmir. This will eventually lead to a demographic transformation of the region from majority-Muslim to majority-Hindu.

Reaction of Pakistani celebrities against Indian atrocities

The people of Pakistan strongly condemn India’s brutality and atrocities in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. While talking to Baaghi TV, many Pakistani celebrities raised their concerns over the ongoing situation in the region.

Abolition of Article 370 and 35-A has prompted several Pakistani celebrities to take to social media to share their thoughts for the people of the valley as well as the tension in the state, while also reacting to the latest developments.

Jamal Shah, a multi-talented actor, while talking to Baaghi TV said that I believe Kashmirs are the subject of injustice since quite a while.. Their rights have been usurped by Indian government. They surely reserve the right to live in freedom like any other nation.

While expressing her reaction on Kashmir, Pakistani model Rachel Khan said, “Entire Pakistani nation is standing with Kashmir.. Their freedom fighters have been also put behind the bars.. The world is witnessing the dis-credibility of Indian government. Our immediate concern should be to emancipate the Kashmirs and to devise the strategies to compensate their losses to some extent.”

“The ugly face of India has been unveiled. Modi would have to pay huge cost for this. There is a need to resolve the dispute bilaterally. India has been bearing a wave of extremism lately and Muslims are the subject of injustice over there in the name difference campaigns such as Gao Rakhsha. I pray for them and urge govt to take immediate action by diplomatic channel,” she added while talking to Baaghi TV.

“India definitely has put its foot down and it’s our turn to react now for the Kashmiris. It is a do and die  situation. Even some Indians are not happy on the steps taken by Indian government. We all stand united with the Kashmiris,” said Rabi Pirzada, a Pakistani pop singer, while talking to Baaghi TV.

Firdous Jamal, a legend of Pakistani television industry, also gave his remarks on the current situation in Kashmir.

“The ugly attempt from Indian government to change the special status of Kashmir has agitated the Muslims across the globe. It is to be considered that there are multiple Muslim states on the face of this planet. However, India, the Hindu country stays alone in the list,” said Firdous Jamal while talking to Baaghi TV.

He added, “India should keep in mind that if it (India) gets destroyed as a result to their nefarious act in Kashmir, there would be no one left to praise Ram or Krishna, while Allah and Muhammad will remain forever. India should step down and take back the resolution or else it will be demolished. Kashmiris will win, Islam will win.”

Laila Zuberi, another Pakistani actress, said that no one is raising their voice over the Indian genocide internationally as India is clearly violating human rights and international law. We strongly condemn the Indian act of brutality and stand united with Kashmiris.

Ali Sher, a Pakistani musician, also shared his views while talking to Baaghi TV saying that The Modi government resolve the Kashmir issue over the table as there is no other solution left. Man slaughter in Kashmir is increasing day by day and this is totally unacceptable.

Not only the Pakistani media industry, but the entire nation is condemning on the abolition of Article 370 and 35-A.

While talking to Baaghi TV, Talha Burki, a member of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) also expressed his opinion on the Indian genocide in Kashmir.

“We all stand united on the current situation on Kashmir. Every Pakistani is supporting Kashmir and we all stand united and ready to help our Kashmiri brothers. We stand side by side with the armed forces of Pakistan and ready to fight for Kashmir. Modi government will have to face the consequences of what they are doing in Kashmir,” he said.

“We all Pakistani should keep our differences aside and unite for this cause. We stand together with the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad,” he added.

Pakistan’s former test captain, Javed Miandad also shared his views with Baaghi TV saying, “You can not kill off the Kashmiris. India is behaving like a stubborn character under the leadership of Modi. Since taking charge as the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi has tried his best to alter the structure of the Kashmir.”

Expressing his support for the Kashmiri brethren, Miandad said, “We are standing with our Kashmiri brothers. He urged the international community to take cognizance of the grave situation in Kashmir, especially the Big 5: United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Iran and China. He wondered why the world is quiet over the gross human rights violation in Kashmir. He called for the support of Kashmir’s cause from Muslim countries.”

He advised the Indian administration to come out of these tactics for disregarding and maltreating the Kashmiris. These tactics are in practice for such a long period of time and has not bore fruit yet. Kashmiris are fighting for their rights as this is the disputed territory not a state of India. Kashmir holds a status of a separate country where millions of people live. He condemned the recent decision of India to revoke the Article 370 of India’s constitution. He condemned the use of military tactics employed by Indian army;use of cluster bombs and killing innocent civilians residing peacefully in Kashmir. India must stop these policies immediately.

He asked, “How would India like if these tactics are employed by Pakistan against Hindus residing in Pakistan?”

Miandad advised Indian administration to exercise restraint and go for peace. He urged Indian administration to go for talks with Kashmiris instead of using force against them and conduct the plebiscite as announced by the United Nations. It is high time , peace to be resorted in the long tome disputed valley. He warned, if this policy of peace is not adopted by India, there will be no India and Pakistan on the planet.



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