We Strongly Condemn Indian Brutality in Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Baaghi TV: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a psychiatric patient who is driving India towards its destruction. We strongly condemn Indian brutality in Kashmir. Pakistan will keep raising its voice for the rights of Kashmiris and India is an enemy to the peace of the region.

During his tour of Muzaffarabad and speaking at a function of the Ehsaas Relief Programme for the residents at the Line of Control, he said that we know the trials of those who live on the LOC. The residents of Azad Kashmir have to face difficulties.

He said he feels pride in being able to help these people through the Ehsaas Programme. 138,000 people will get cash from the the Ehsaas Programme. He said that 12 lac people in Azad Kashmir will receive the health card in the coming few days. Using the health card they can get treatment at any hospital for up to Rs 10 lacs.

The Prime Minister said that an occupation force of 8 lac are torturing people in Indian Occupied Kashmir but no power can defeat the spirit of the Kashmiris. Every day a Kashmir gets martyred in Occupied Kashmir. This movement is not going to end.

He said the RSS considers itself the proteges of the Nazi party of Germany. Narendra Modi committed mass-scale killing of Muslims in Gujarat and now they are killing and torturing Kashmiris according to a planned strategy.

He said the situation in India is heading toward ethnic cleansing. The Modi government is also torturing other religious minorities like Christians in India and Muslims everywhere.

The Prime Minister said that educated and wise Hindus in India believe that what is happening is wrong. Modi is taking India towards its destruction. The Indian Prime Minister is a psychiatric patient. I told the world about the RSS ideology. I promised to be the ambassador of Kashmir and I have informed the world of the RSS ideology. Actually Muslims get targeted in India.

He said Modi is actually destroying India. They are trying to scare the people of Occupied Kashmir with their might. Their brutality is what helps bring the freedom movement of the Kashmiris to the forefront.

The Prime Minister said that Allah gave him the opportunity to help the people who live with difficulty on the LOC.

He said he will take the story of the condition of Occupied Kashmir everywhere. I tell every head of country about the situation in Kashmir. We raised the Kashmir issue in the United Nations, when the world media was watching. The Kashmir cause was being talked about everywhere when a gentleman brought up an Azaadi March, hurting the Kashmir Cause.

He said we will once again raise the Kashmir issue all over the world. Even in difficult circumstances, we have increased instead of reduced the budget of Azad Kashmir.

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