Website ‘Sikhs for Justice’ registered in Russia, dissolved by Indian influence


The Russian-registered website set up by the international Sikh organization Sikhs for Justice has been shut down in Russia due to Indian influence in connection with the registration of Referendum Twenty20 by Sikhs around the world for the establishment of their separate country Khalistan.

After which Sikhs for Justice has registered a new website from Canada under the name of delhi banayga khalistan. The Indian government seems to be confused by this website.

Sikhs for Gurpant Singh Pinnu, the central leader of the judiciary, said that the Indian government could not stifle the voice of the Sikhs.

The registration of the referendum for a separate Sikh country has started from New Delhi on July 19, after which the enthusiasm of the Sikhs for making the referendum a success has increased.

Sikh for Justice leader Gurpattant Singh Pinnu has said that the Sikh nation will integrate the Indian capital Delhi into its homeland Khalistan through Referendum 2020.

After the aforementioned announcement of Sikhs for Justice, Indian intelligence agencies have become active and have started rounding up Sikhs.

After Russian Portal Blocked, Pro-Khalistan Group Sikhs For Justice Launch Canadian Site to Register ‘Referendum 2020’ Votes

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