West fears China’s rising power: FM Qureshi



ISLAMABAD: While speaking to a private TV Channel, foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was asked that how is Washington exerting pressure on Islamabad to which he highlighted that US is trying to convey a message to Pakistan to end cordial relations with China.

The foreign minister explained that Pakistan wants to strengthen its relations with US as well as they are with China. Pakistan has its own interests in doing so.

He added that China has never asked Pakistan to end relations with US. If we are friends China that doesn’t mean we are not friends with US.

Qureshi was asked how Pakistan is being pressured by China to which he replied that this is not to be stated directly but through indirect phrases.

He further said that China’s containment policy is in the making at the global level. China is gaining power by the day and can take over US in the coming years which is a threat for the West.

Discussing about CPEC, Qureshi said that it is Pakistan’s major need. It has to be implemented completely in order to strengthen our energy and trade. CPEC will be completed no matter who opposes it or tries to create hurdles in the way.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi ensured that the security measures are being taken to protect CPEC project from forces that are scared of its success.


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