What is a Major Cause of Violence Against Women?

Two Day Workshop Held in Multan on Domestic Abuse

5th October 2020, Baaghi TV: Social worker Laiba Bint Shakir held a two-day workshop regarding gender bias and domestic violence against women, with the collaboration of Voice of Pakistan.

The workshop included women interested in working for the curbing of violence against women and creating awareness amongst the public. The workshop was held in Shangrila Gardens. The speakers said that victims of domestic violence need to be sensitised to and informed about their rights. In order to protect women from physical violence it is necessary for them to know their fundamental rights.

They said that illiteracy and lack of knowledge about their own rights is a major cause of violence against women. Most of the incidents of domestic abuse they said, appear amongst the illiterate classes. In order to ensure a civilised Pakistan, the speakers believe education is imperative for all.

They said that for the country’s development and prosperity, it is necessary for women to participate in all matters of national interest. In order to eliminate the anathema of domestic abuse, there should be awareness workshops and strict legislation.

During the question and answer session, the participants highlighted the need of a dialogue amongst the police, political leadership, and all other stakeholders, in order to end domestic violence. The speakers at the workshop included Salwat Shafi, Laiba Bint Shakir Mayo, Ayesha, Maimoona, and Munazza Butt.

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