What is the best holiday destination for 2020?

Condé Nast Traveller's list of best destinations for 2020 may surprise you, as Pakistan makes waves in tourism.

Condé Nast (CN) Travellers are known for talking about places they are most excited to travel to, in this instance, they have published a list of ‘The Best Holiday Destinations for 2020’ and while, their top pick will make you feel all sorts of ways from shock and surprise to joy and excitement but most of all inspired. 

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Lizzie Pook and Tabitha Joyce of CN Travellers, have “rounded up the places that are coming into their own next year” they believe in compiling a list of places on the basis of their geographical diversity, eco-tourism adventure which may attract the attention of travelers all over the world which includes considering the places with the best eateries, seaside spots and beaches, affordability of the place, the art scene such as museums, et cetera.

The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

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In this latest list they have names from Japan to Croatia, Panama to Morocco, Virgin Islands to Frisian Islands in Denmark, China to Lebanon but the top vacation spot according to them is definitely a winner. Despite struggling against and controlling terrorism in the state, striving towards presenting a positive image of the state and shifting the negative attention coming from international media to even attempting to deescalating tensions in the region, Pakistan, is considered to be one of 2020’s most happening vacation destinations as per the CN Traveller’s list.

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In the words of Lizzie Pook and Tabitha Joyce, Pakistan is “the adventure traveller’s must-visit” place that goes from “strength to strength”. While the long-spanning [nearly two decades] fight against terrorism has thwarted efforts for and significantly damaged Pakistan’s existing tourism industry, the ancient valleys, breathtaking mountain ranges and of course, the recently relaxed visa policies have suddenly pushed Pakistan to the top as a priority destination for adventure seekers and travelers from across the globe.

According to the founder and CEO of Wild Frontiers, the focus on security measures has greatly improved the chances for tourism in Pakistan.

Having operated tours in Pakistan since the late 1990s, I’ve had a ringside seat to its troubled tourism industry, but finally it seems to be improving, a focus on security measures, which saw the British FCO lift its advice against travel to large parts of the north, and the election of Imran Khan, who has vowed to increase international tourist numbers, has already had an impact,’ he says.

Jonny Bealby Founder & CEO of adventure-tour operator, Wild Frontiers

Moreover, the last few years has seen a rise in the number of foreign tourists who have visited and fallen in love with the splendorous beauty of Pakistan – a country that has natural beauty in every form – be it mountains, valleys or rivers. Pakistan’s landscape has something for everyone. From YouTubers to royalty, Pakistan has played host to people from all walks of life.


Some very known YouTube personalities who love the food, culture and overall social scene in Pakistan include:

  • Zaid Ali T and Yumna Ali T
  • Sham Idrees and Froggy aka Sehar
  • Bodmon Zaid
  • Shahveer Jaffery
  • Eva Zu Beck
  • Mark Wiens
  • Rahim Pardesi
  • College Free
  • Shaneira Akram
  • George Fulton
  • Alyne [Dear Alyne]

It should also be noted that recently, from Prince William and Kate Middleton to the Queen of Denmark, two Royal families have paid diplomatic visits to Pakistan and have praised the country and its people. So, if you have been planning a vacation we would recommend that you maybe consider Condé Nast Travellers’s list and visit Pakistan.

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