What kind of taxis will appear on the streets of Dubai in the future?

June 5, 2021: The Dubai Road Authority of the United Arab Emirates has decided to bring electric taxis and vehicles on the roads to control environmental pollution.

According to Arab media reports, the Dubai Road Authority has succeeded in fully electricizing or hybridizing 50% of its target taxis. The Authority’s Chief Executive Officer for Planning and Corporate Governance, Nasir Bushab, announced the good news that by 2027, all taxis will be converted to electrical or hybrid technology. He clarified that in the next seven years, the sale and purchase of electric vehicles will be promoted and those who drive such vehicles will be given parking and road fee exemption.

The authority has also announced a waiver on annual fees for hybrid and electric vehicles. He said that in the next three years, cars and in the next seven years, all road taxis will be electric. Speaking to local media, Bushehab said: “The UAE had signed an agreement in Paris to control air pollution, under which measures are being taken to reduce carbon emissions. Electric vehicles are also part of that agreement. Include According to media reports, the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai has also announced to bring all public transport to zero carbon emissions by 2050 as part of its long-term plan.

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