What were Sadaf Kanwal’s marital aspirations?


Sadaf Kanwal, a Pakistani model, says she has always wanted to get married simply and without too many wedding ceremonies.

Baaghi TV: Shahrooz Sabzwari joined his wife Sadaf Kanwal on a show where Sadaf Kanwal, an actress and model, confessed that she always wanted to get married simply while talking about her marriage during a show.

When she considered marrying him, she realized she would marry him simply.

Sadaf Kanwal added, “She told her mother-in-law, Shahrooz Sabzwari’s mother, that she  wanted to marry simply in a red  dress at home. Her mother-in-law gave her her red dress and she married simply  at home.” 

Sadaf Kanwal, Shahrooz Sabzwari’s wife, revealed that Sadaf Kanwal had told her that she wanted to get married quietly, that she didn’t want to have too many celebrations at the wedding, and that she wanted to get married with a small wedding party.

Actor Shahrooz Sabzwari and model Saira Yousaf split last year, as you may know. Shahrooz Sabzwari married model Sadaf Kanwal a month after their divorce.

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