What Will We Be Remembered As?

1st September: The world has undoubtedly evolved and developed drastically in comparison to what it used to be. We had started from the Stone Age then jumped into the Middle Ages, until we reached the Renaissance.

Yet, that is not where mankind decided to stop and it brought around the Industrial Revolution followed by the Machine Age. Still, in search for better, they entered the Atomic Age and the Information Age- the era we are living in currently.

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We are well-aware of the fact that every day passed, is yet another account being added into the history of the world, and one day, centuries from now, it will be read by our descendants in books (or some new scientific technology that has been developed).

It’s crazy to think how living, breathing people today, will merely be images decades from now and it is even more crazy to think that many will simply be forgotten, getting lost as the ordinary. But there is always going to be one thing that will make us all exist beyond the bounds of our physical existence- the era that we lived in.

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Now I know we all want to go down in history, for we do not want to be forgotten hence I’m going to inform you right here that yes this is possible. Especially with all that 2020 has entailed for us, this era might be the most happening era in all of history.

2020 Has Already created History

So let’s take a short trip down memory lane and recall all the events that have taken place in the brief (yet long) 8 months of the year 2020.

The year started off with grand celebrations of the beginning of a new decade, our hearts were filled with great expectations, new resolutions and we all surely thought of making history. But this year was not what we had in mind.

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With the progression of January, came the peak of the Australian bushfires which in their wake burned through more than six-million hectares of land and destroyed around 1500 homes.

During the same time, hundreds of billions of locusts infested East Africa, whilst Turkey was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. Amidst all this chaos there also loomed a threat of World War 3 as tensions between the USA and Iran rose.

To silence all this havoc, nature threw at us the deathly bomb of the novel coronavirus which was declared a pandemic on 11th March 2020. Then we saw the world go into lockdown as all authorities enforced quarantine on their public.

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As of August, this disease has caused around 809,000 deaths globally and has changed life as we had known it.

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As if a global pandemic was not enough, 2020 also brought back the monster of racial discrimination as George Floyd was mercilessly murdered on May 25th in Minneapolis. This led to worldwide protests and riots where numerous people rose up against this injustice.

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Have you made History yet?

This age has been called the Information/ Big Data/ Social Age, but in this era dictated by technology and haunted by the terrors of a global pandemic but what are we beyond the realms of social media and coronavirus?

Centuries from now, when our mention comes up, will we be condemned for our lack of ignorance or praised for developing the social media network to a great extent? Will we be the ancestors that saved mother Earth or the ones who exploited it and saw it burn? What will we be remembered as?

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If you want to be remembered as more than just the era of the coronavirus or the Age of Information, then take a step, raise your voice against any injustice, make a world that accepts all individuals, a world which focuses on sustainable standards of living, play your part in creating the world you were told to dream of since you were a little child.

You see, the path to a positive future might seem daunting and complicated, for it is not trodden on as often. But in reality, it’s not the most difficult journey to undertake and with a little bit of motivation and a whole lot of courage, we can all end up walking on it.

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