What’s a no-trust vote? I came here for free food!

Pakistan’s superior most legislative body was about to witness a historic moment where leader of the house was to be ousted through a vote of no-confidence against him. However, the results, just like the unpredictable performance of our national cricket team, surprised many.

A couple of hours before entering the floor for casting their votes, 64 members of the Senate were found attending the brunch, hosted by Shahbaz Sharif. Contrary to this, the number of Senators at PTI’s dinner the previous night was less than 20. This scenario bamboozled the spectators by creating a hoax where opposition’s success seemed imminent. It even lead to a media giant breaking the false news of opposition’s victory.

The results went against the expectations of many who were anticipating Sanjrani’s removal from the seat. But from cricket to politics, unpredictability is something that keeps this nation on toes and gives it reasons to be surprised.

The presence of Senate members at the brunch right before the event where they failed to perform good enough to bring out the desired results is similar to that of the national cricket team, whose big names were spotted partying the night before they lost a decisive game.

Pakistani cricketers eating ‘burger, pizzaayyy’ the night before ICC World Cup 2019’s Indo-Pak battle

Voices mocking the opposition leader for spending on food are echoing in the ruling alliance’s circles. And just as Pakistani cyber celebrity and cricket enthusiast, Momin Saqib was heartbroken and infuriated at the cricket team’s failure to perform up to his expectations, one can imagine Shahbaz Sharif, gutted and dejected, angrily ranting about the betrayal of his ‘freeloader’ guests, “enna nu khaana khavao, enna nu brunch karao. Enna nu politics chhadao. Matlub koi discipline, koi kuch nae. Hum log yahan pe in se itni umeedain bana k bethay hain. Enna nu ly ka jao Lahore, othay paraathay khavao, karahi khavao. Hum itna time, paisa, sab kuch laga k aatay hain, koi loyalty ka khayal nae yaar? Ae mazaq ho reyha ae?”. (Get them food and ask them to leave politics. We have so many expectations from them, but they have no concept of loyalty or discipline. Take them to Lahore and get them food. We spend so much time and money on them, but they are not loyal to us. They think it’s a joke?)



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